Viveport & Steam New Release: Cutlass

A new virtual reality title “Cutlass” has just been released to Viveport and Steam from Demigon.

This title is a pirate-based VR game, where you will assume the role of ‘swashbuckling buccaneer’ on the high seas. You will be sailing around the archipelago, with full control of where you want to go in the open sea.

You will be engaging in naval battle against rival pirates with your ship cannons too. Cutlass features motion-based gameplay, so you will be using the motion controller to load the cannons, adjust the pitch and yaw and fire. The timing and the trajectory of the attack is the key to sinking your opponent’s ships.

The game also features a dynamic weather system, which can affect the visual of the gameplay. For example, a thick fog or a heavy rain may obstruct your view on the horizon of the water.

A trailer for this title has been released by HTC Vive. Check it out here.