Steam New Release: Neurowake

Team-based FPS VR game “Neurowake” has just been released on Steam as early access! Choose one of the 5 characters (either the UWC or the resistance fighters), each with their unique skills and weapons, and then compete online across 3 environments and 3 game modes (currently, more contents may be added in future).

The Awakening brought chaos to the world, tearing it to pieces and setting up the foundation for a new global order, new threats, allies, and obstacles to overcome. Separated by ideology and belief, you must take on the responsibility of a member loyal to the UWC or choose to stand for freedom with the resistance. Whatever your decision – it’s time to prove your worth on the battlefield.

This game uses an unique chessboard teleportation system, bringing intensive fast gameplay to virtual reality.

While in its early access phase, the priority will goes to refining the game mechanics and interactive models, followed by content expansion. The developer Shortfuse didn’t provide an exact message on what to expect regarding this. According to them, the game will be in EA for several months.

The game cost $19.90 right now, with HTC Vive native support.