“Z ViRus: V.I.R.M Uprising” Coming to HTC Vive on August 2nd on Steam

Z ViRus: V.I.R.M Uprising has just surfaced on Steam, with early access release pegged on August 2nd for the HTC Vive.

Z ViRus: V.I.R.M Uprising is described as an action/strategy/adventure title. In this game, you will be going up against V.I.R.M (Viral Interstellar Radiated Mutants), which is basically a human infected with a virus that originate from a foreign planet Aiphus.

Set in the mid future, a virus outbreak has spread across the galaxy infecting all human life which are now known as V.I.R.M (Viral Interstellar Radiated Mutants). It appears to have originated from an unknown species on planet Aiphus, where scientists have found a sign of life but kept their findings classified. This information was revealed after a rescue team was requested for search and rescue at the space colony where the scientists were experimenting on the unknown life form. There was no one to extract upon arrival. The galaxy is now known as a dead space, only you can unravel what really happened. Explore various locations such as planets and abandoned ships. Fight off the hoards and acquire intel for victorious fights that scientists have documented information on the virus but didn’t live to finish. Level up your classes to acquire additional assets for your loadout! You are the galaxy’s last hope on putting a end to the virus before it finds its way to Earth where humanity will then seize to exist!

This game is developed by Hokkaido Studios. No set date for the final release has been confirmed yet, but the studio is estimating that it will be out in early 2018. Over the early access period, the game will be expanded with new “classes, perks, voices, equipment, weapons, weapon attachments, locations, new enemies, and overall new experiences such as new game-modes and more!”