Sony to Publish 4 Asia PSVR Titles For Western Release

A few months ago, Sony announced a collaboration with several China developers to create Playstation games, some of which are on PSVR (I have covered it here).

Today, Sony announced that they willbe  bringing 4 made-in-Asia Playstation VR games to the West, 2 of which birthed from that collaboration project.

Here are the games:

  1. The Walker
  2. Kill X
  3. Stified
  4. Legion Commander

Check out this link to learn more about The Walker and Kill X

As for Stified, it is an indie sound-based survival title from Gattai Games, a Singapore-based development studio. It will also be launching on Steam this year. Legion Commander is a tactical warfare battle title, that you can issue troops to take over the opponent’s army on the battlefield.

No date announced for these games yet.