“Dream Coaster VR” Coast to Steam on August 10th, Vive/Rift/OSVR

VR thrillseekers might want to mark August 10th 2017 down on the calendar, as rollercoaster simulator “Dream Coaster” will be coasting to Steam on that day.
Tighten your VR headset and your virtual seatbelt when you boot up the VR app that day. Dream Coaster is set to provide you a rollercoaster ride that you have never experience before, bringing you to fantasy and fictional places such as “Wonderland woods, through majestic volcanic mountains straight to the mysterious cave mouth!”

Powered by Unreal Engine, this VR experience will feature immersive landscapes of high quality 3D graphics.

Dream Coaster is developed by VR VISIO and Forever Entertainment will handle the publishing work.