“Reboant Rise of the Nuhort VR” Details

Earlier today at ChinaJoy, HTC announces a brand new major title that will be debuting on Viveport Arcade in Chinese language by the end of this year, follow by release elsewhere. I have covered the game briefly here.

Some new details about the game has emerged over the day, and we are ready to take a deeper view about this title.

We also gets a clearer picture of the plot now, thanks to the developer Darklord studio: As suggested in the previous article, this game centers around an epic battle that lasted for many years across generations of civilizations. The war has barely concluded, and Earth has suffered severe damage. The player assume the role of a special task force, who has been send on a mission along with his teammates to a crystal planet, in search for the power of the energy crystal, that will help resurrect Earth. At this moment, well as you can imagine, war breaks out on that planet.


According to the developer, this FPS game is made in Unreal  Engine 4, and will bring about a brand new gameplay experience with its original and innovative mechanics. Regarding the locomotion, as suggested in the video, the player will be moving around by firing and latching its cyborg arm at places, and then pulling himself. This is unlike the current movement systems such as the artificial movement that will induce motion sickness, as well as teleportation that might make the player lose his sense of direction. This new locomotion system makes the movement more natural and immersive.

Each weapons in this title features different types of usages as well. Take for example, the rifle gun in this game will offer 3 types of operations: the first is a single hand hold, allowing you to target close range enemy. You can also hold it with two hand, which reduces recoil and is suitable for mid range attack. Lastly, you can hold up the rifle gun to your eyes, using its telescopic sight to zoom in on far range target.


As for the development, the CEO of Darklord said that they have 39 people working on this game, with over 10million RMB invested into it. To hold the quality of the game to its highest standard, they said that they handled every aspects of the game themselves, with no outsourcing at all.

Darklord is hoping that this title will inspire more original and exciting IPs from the China market. They will have more surprises which they will unveil in the future, when they are approaching the final launch of the game.

The publisher of the game Domegame will also be continuing to work with HTC to create future VR titles, which will see time exclusive on Viveport. No release detail has been announced for Reboant yet.