Viveport to Get its first VR AAA Title “Reboant”

Edit: I previously states that this will be published by Vive Studios, which is an error. Sorry for the mistake.

HTC has just formally announced today over at ChinaJoy, that Viveport will play host to a triple A VR title.

Titled “Reboant”, this new game is under development by China studio Darklord, and is set to be a futuristic sci-fi FPS game. Apparently, this title has been making minor appearances around in various events for playtest purpose.

The plot is rather difficult to translate from Chinese on its site. Basically, this title centers around an epic battle that has last billions of years across generations of civilizations. A rather mysterious and complicated special task force from Planet Nuhort is set to bring about a new chapter of the war.

According to details, this game will features a cybernetic arm that you can fire like a grappling hook, allowing you to pull yourself and move around. There will be various skills and weapons to choose from as well.

The game is currently in its last stage of development phase. It will make its debut on Viveport Arcade in Chinese language, followed by release on other platform(s). Currently, this title is being demo on ChinaJoy’s Vive booth. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.