“Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies” Coming to Steam “Soon”, Support HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

Those zombies VR action titles just wouldn’t stay dead (yes, pun intended). Now, we have yet another zombie killing VR game,but this time Vampires are being added to the mix.

Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies” doesn’t have a release date. In this game, zombies and vampires has bring the human race to near extinction, and they are prowling the city to sniff out the last survivors. You play as Chuck Steelballz, who happens to be both a badass B-movie star, but also the target that they are looking out for. Standing upon your trailer, you will be in control of your own survival, as you try to take them down using bow and arrows.

This game features a campaign game mode with ‘specially designed levels and unique game events’. You will have to thin the herds, as you try to overpower them, rescue fellow humans and escape the city. Dracula: Vampires vs Zombies also feature a Survival mode where you fight waves of those creatures until you fall.

The game is brought to you by Avatarico, and will support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.