Steam New Release: The Wizards

Today is a great day for new game release on Steam, as we see gems such as Just In Time Incorporated, Loco Dojo, X Rebirth VR Edition, and Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR.

The latest VR title that we can add to this list is “The Wizards” by Carbon Studios, which was just released as early access on Steam. It is an fantasy adventure title that sees you destroying enemies by conjuring elemental magic via your motion controllers.

Set in the magical world of wizards, you will be casting spells by mastering the gestures, and at the same time increases the power, while you tries to keep Meliora’s key locations safe across space and time. From its trailer, it seems you can haul fireballs, channel lightning bolts, conjure an energy shield to protect yourself and more.

The game will spend about 5-6 months in early access phase, with new contents being added over the months, such as new regions (2 exciting story chapters individed into stages, with new challenges and enemy types), Arcade Mode ( endless arena battles on new maps for those who never get enough of spell fighting), Master Enchantments (six new powerfull spell upgrades for ultimate wizardry) and New Fate Cards (additional set of game modifiers that let players experience completely new battles).

At the current stage, the game contains the following:

  • Story mode with two Regions divided into stages + cutscenes, tutorial, shooting range and the Wizard’s tower.
  • Six basic spells with upgrades for each spell
  • Fate Cards that allow players to modify the rules of the game and gain more points
  • Online leaderboard that allows players to compete with high scores

The Wizards VR supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam.