Steam New Release: X Rebirth VR Edition

Egosoft, creator of the “X” series, has just released “X Rebirth VR Edition” today on Steam as early access, which marks the series’ debut into VR.

“X” is a sci-fi space trading and combat simulator series set in the X-Universe. X Rebirth VR Edition is based on the previously latest entry “X Rebirth: Home of Light”.

The X Universe recovers from cataclysmic disaster. Though the future remains uncertain and threats are still aplenty across the Jump Gate Network, people are beginning to find their way. Having recently recovered the Albion Skunk from the hands of pirates, Ren Otani sets about rebuilding his beloved ship, using it in the never-ending search for opportunity and adventure…

In this game, gamer will be able to experience a fully simulated economy, as they build their own ships and space stations as well. A large variety of missions awaits you in this game, as you explore its universe through a series of Jump Gates and highways.

Egosoft states that it will be in Early Access for 1 to 3 months. During this phase, they will be focusing on various stuffs, such as focusing on the VR controller based UI, the testing of the new Vulkan-based graphic engine for their next big project (X4), improving tutorial missions, completing localization to all supported languages and adding Steam Workshop support.

Currently this title supports only the HTC Vive natively on Steam.