“SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice” Full Release Today on Steam, New Trailer

SteamHammer VR – The Rogue Apprentice will be crossing its finishing line, as it becomes a full release today.

GamestormVR meeting this milestone today means that we are seeing a new update for this steampunk shooter title. Check out the announcement here to see details about this final EA update.

This immersive adventure takes place in iconic locations around Victorian London in 1892. The dastardly Professor Rattwurm is attempting to enslave the fine English folk with his multitude of clockwork automatons! Armed with your 19th Century powered weapons, can you save old London Town?

Published by Showstorm Ltd, the game has stayed in EA phase since Jan 2017. Currently this game supports only the HTC Vive natively on Steam.

‘The Rogue Apprentice’ contains Eleven Missions which take you on a story based adventure staged in some of the most iconic locations around Victorian London, including, The Tower of London, Limehouse Warehouse, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, St Pauls and even the famous London Sewers. It’s a hugely engaging and immersive experience with several types of challenging gameplay.
As the narrative unravels you will unlock each mission. more of the story and more powerful weapons, there are plenty of twists and surprises to enjoy as you discover the truth about your recruitment as ‘The SteamHammer’