“TimeLock VR” Set for 10 August Steam Release

A new VR escape room by the title of “TimeLock VR” is coming to Steam in the coming days. Create by Ukraine developer Whale Rock Games, this title will be setting itself apart from other VR Escape-Room genre games with a rather unique gameplay mechanic: you can take control of the time.

In this game, you may ‘interact with the objects in different ways: slow down the object time, make time rewinds or even transport objects between timelines’. All of the quests are build with this mechanic in mind.


Timelock VR is an action-escape the room game. It is developing for HTC VIVE VR headset. You’ll play as an agent from corporation which research time travels. You`ll have the newest tools that will help you to change the past and solve any problems. Also, you`ll be supported by the quantum computer S.T.A.S.I.S that will become your assistant in difficult situations and will coordinate your actions.

Apparently, there will also be action element as well. You will be fighting different enemies and even bosses during the Time Travel. There will be special weapons and Time Control Tools for the action moment.


The environment will be fully functional with lots of interactions too. You will be able to pick up and throw objects, open cabins, turn lighting on and off and so on. Each room can be visited in different timelines.

TimeLock VR will be supporting HTC Vive when it launch on 10th August 2017 on Steam.