“Elemental Combat VR” Developer Showcase #1

Element Combat from Avrlon is due to be releasing on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the future, and today, the developers at Avrlon, David and Marcelo has a brand new video where they talk about the title.

In this PvP action title, the developers seek to provide every VR player the ability to create and wield elemental magics (of fire, earth, air and water), which they can use to fight against other VR player.

While the focus of the game is placed on the multiplayer, this game also contains a single player mode. The multiplayer mode will have various league rankings (such as White Belt League, Purple Belt League, Red Belt League and Black Belt League). Players will be engaging in duel fights, with opponents selected based on their regions. According to them, you can also play in teams as well.

In Single player mode, you will see unique enemies, and unique temples too, as well as special achievements and rewards to collect.

Based on the basic philosophy of Taoism and sets in ancient China, a society exist in this game that seemingly has been lasting for many years (you can check out a very deep lore of the game here). Each type of elemental magics is said to be designed to fit various types of play styles as well, and there are also new skills and abilities to unlock as you progress the game.

Check out the dev showcase video below.