“Shadowcore” New Images for PSVR & PCVR

New images has emerged for upcoming multiplatform virtual reality game “Shadowcore“, which revealed more details about the title.

This tactical multiplayer FPS was apparently revealed back in May by Serebrum Lab. Inspired by Ghost in the Shell, Shadowcore is an action game that focuses on team cooperation, strategy and control of space. In this title set 2 decades into the future on a dark, dystopian world, you will be playing as one of the private paramilitary cyborgs/augmented humans, who “specialize in assassination, kidnapping, stealing corporate secrets, and sabotage, often operating with impunity inside the borders of neutral nations.”


In the world of Shadowcore, the nation states has merged with multinational corporations to form super-powerful transnational conglomerates. Needless to say, war erupted due to fights over power and control, and now 3 surviving entities (United Energy, TekSekProm or XiWu Financial Group) are left on the planet, waging a shadow war against each other. You will be choosing which side to pledge your allegiance on (each conglomerates offer different play styles), as you seek to take down your opponents for the other conglomerates.

Gameplay Mechanics

Maps are designed around fields of fire and positional awareness for maximum freedom of movement and exploration thanks to a dynamic and responsive gameplay, where 1v1/3v3/5v5 battles will take place. Players will be navigating the industrial environments using the HMD and 2 handheld motion controllers. The main controller will be used for aiming and shooting, while the secondary controller will allow you to interact or even use objects from the environment as a shield.

You will be moving around via teleportation, with a 1-3 seconds of cooldown period, depending on which class is your chosen character. The teleport reticle can be positioned anywhere in the world you can see too.

Each character offers 2 different weapon types on the battlefield, allowing you to switch dynamically on the fly as you play. While you have infinite ammo, you have limited clip size, making reloading an important part of gameplay. If you die, you will be spawned at your base after 10 seconds of cooldown time.

There are 4 types of power-up scattered around the level, which you can procure to give you a 30 seconds temporary advantage: Armor, Shield, Damage Boost and Speed Boost.


So far, 3 characters has been revealed. 2 of the characters has been designed, with 3 more to come in the coming months.


In the “ASSAULT “Category, is a standard mercenary who is armed with assault rifle and grenade launcher, and is the best candidate for player with aggressive and dynamic playstyle. The soldier is efficient at medium range assault, with medium teleport countdown, and is able to move quickly through the environment. This mercenary is really an all-rounder character in this game.


Heavily armoured and adept at taking and holding territory, player in this category is equipped with a shotgun and an EMP cannon for close range assault. This heavy trades armor and huge damaging power with speed, capable of delivering massive damage at close range. The EMP doesn’t inflict any damage, but is fine with inflicting temporarily stun to the enemies, preventing them from teleporting or firing back.

Check out the renders for the Shotgun weapon below.


RECON category character is all about speed. You get the shortest teleport cooldown and is effecient at short range assault, but poor in defense, due to your minimal amount of body arumor. You are equipped with a high damage railgun, as well as a machine pistol. Try to move quick and spring surprise attack on your enemies, just don’t let they catch you. Check out the renders for this character below.

Check out the weapons (pistol and rail gun) for this Recon character.

Release Details

This game is set to be releasing on Steam for HTC Vive (and probably/hopefully Oculus Rift) somewhere in September or October, followed by PSVR release. No price tag has been announced.