“Skyfront VR” Has Been Successfully Greenlit on Steam Greenlight

Good news for fans of VR FPS, because Skyfront VR by Levity Play has been successfully greenlit on Steam Greenlight! This game is scheduled for release on the HTC Vive.


SkyFront VR is a team-based multiplayer FPS where the best warriors team up in zero-gravity battle arenas to determine the Ultimate Champion.

2300 AD. Our planet was embroiled in the battle to end all battles – The Final War. Cities disappeared, nations perished and our planet was scarred almost beyond recognition. Four hundred years later, in AD 2700, the humankind is thriving again; the wars have been left behind, most of the planet has been rebuilt and technology has achieved ultimate synergy with nature and Laws of Physics. To preserve the memory of our violent past, a symbolic competition called the SkyFront Tournament was created. Contestants from around the world compete in zero gravity arenas for the title of Guardians – Keepers of the Peace.

Do you have what it takes to become the Master Guardian?

soldier_smallThe developer described it as “Call of Duty meets Ender’s Game”. It is set in an idyllic future, where mankind has mastered the laws of nature. Zero gravity battle arenas has been created, where best warriors can team up to determine the ultimate champion here. There are 5 distinct soldier classes, with unique wepaons and characteristics. Skyfront VR will have 5-6 arenas out of the gate, which includes a Cloud City, and a futuristic Space Metropol. Skyfront VR will feature Deathmatch and Domination game mode, with more to come.

Check out the trailer of Skyfront below!