Steam New Release: Just In Time Incorporated

Just in Time Incorporated” has just been released by indie developer Second Wind Interactive over Steam today, with support for the HTC Vive.

In this strategy/puzzle/action title, there’s no killing of zombie or alien. Instead, you play as an agent for “Death Prevention Insurance”, and your job is to save your clients from near-death scenarios.

Equipped with your hyper-gloves, you are granted the abilities to move at super-fast speed, teleport and catch/throw bullets. As you will be moving in super speed, everything in this game will play out in slow-motion. Remember that Quicksilver scene from X-Men movie? Yup, something like that. It sounds easy on paper, but its harder than you think.

The hilarious scenario are rather over-the-top and quirky too. Despite playing out in slow-mo, you will find yourself frantically juggle with the things you need to do to prevent the death of your client. Take for example, there is one mission where you have to protect a female character by the name Indiana Jane, until she made it out to the chopper. At the same time, she is being chased by ‘fanatics’ who wield guns, knifes, rocket launcher and even a large vehicle. Other scenarios include protecting an old man from being knocked down by a vehicle, rescuing clients who have jumped out of a burning building and more. If situation gets too sticky, do keep in mind: your job is to only protect your client. Feel free to put other character in harm way if there is a need.

I have been given the opportunity to try out this game, and find it to be very fun and innovative, considering that such unique gameplay is only possible in virtual reality with motion controllers and room-scale feature. Many of the items inside can be interacted, which makes the solution to many scenarios rather open-ended. The vivid block-style graphic visual aspect of the title helps ensure you will be having some casual dumb fun as well.

The game is being released today, check out the trailer below.