Steam New Release: Gates of Nowhere

Fantasy VR adventure/horror title “Gates of Nowhere” launches today on Steam platform as early access, and it supports the HTC Vive natively.

Developed by Symmetrical, this title projects you “in a fantasy dungeon and start your adventure inside an abandoned dark prison”.  Gates of Nowhere is currently released with a 20% off launch promotion.

Gates Of Nowhere is a Fantasy/Horror adventure in Virtual Reality for HTC Vive.

You’ll be projected in a fantasy dungeon and start your adventure inside an abandoned dark prison. You don’t know what happend and you must find the way out exploring huge dungeons filled with awful and dangerous enemies, hard puzzles to solve and many different weapons to try. The game is composed by four levels, The Awakening, Through the dark, WaterWorks and At the Gates, providing at least 2 hours and half of amazing VR gameplay.

You can collect 9 different weapons and many items useful to interact with the environment.

Currently, the game contains 2 levels, 3 weapons and several levels. Over the 3-4months early access period, the game will expand with the following:

  • 4 game levels (chapters)
  • Secrete areas to explore in all levels, in order to find loot and consumable items 
  • A responsive combat system
  • Full Locomotion system (alternative to Teleportation system)
  • Consumable items (alchemical weapons and utility items crafting system)
  • 10 weapons
  • New enemies
  • Achievements and Steams Cards”