Steam New Release: Tiny Town VR

One of the VR titles releasing today is “Tiny Town VR” over the Steam platform, delivered by Lumbernauts.

Tiny Town VR is a casual world-building title (with a rather colorful blocky aesthetics), which allows you to be creative; by using the numerous assets to create various scenes which you want, and then share them to your friends. This functions like a lego game where you have the freedom to create whatever you want. 

There are over 1500 assets in this game, ranging from roads, buildings, people and more across multiple themes (town, farm, maritime). Each categories of items has their own specialties. For example, you can pose the people by manipulating their joints, and then give them a voice with customizable speech bubble.

Constructing your world is rather simple. There is a rather natural gesture controls for panning, zooming, rotating and moving about the world. Sharing your world by pictures is easy too, through the in-game tools like in game photo capture, photo library, and publishing to Facebook.

The interface has been designed for VR use, which allows people to get into this title very easily and start producing a nice piece of art fairly quickly. Pair up with its simple visual appeal this looks like a great title for kids to get into VR.

Tiny Town VR is currently enjoying a 15% launch discount, and support both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.