VR Stealth Game “Espire 1” Gameplay Footage – Dev Diary 3

A new dev diary video has emerged for Espire 1, an upcoming VR stealth game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (with Touch Support), with additional plans on console, mobile VR, AR and immersive platforms.

Described as Metal Gear Solid meets GoldenEye 007, player play as a spy agent who gets to go on various missions (there will be 15 missions and 200 virtual challenges).

Espire 1 uses an artificial locomotion system, with a “Control Theatre Comfort Mode”. When the player walks, the game view shrinks down to the size of a floating ipad, while the rest of the view area becomes a virtual empty grid space.

Featuring an immersive and interactive environment where various objects can be interacted, the player can also sneak up behind the enemy with a pistol, climb railings and other various actions. And considering that it is inspired by Metal Gear Solid, do expect various similar gameplay features, such as crouching behind objects to hide, surveillance camera, throwing objects at a spot to distract the guard, and more.

The game is being actively pitched around to accelerate its release.

Check out the gameplay demo below. It also contains footage of 1 of the 200 short challenges.