“IronWolf VR” Update Up, Improves Hydrophone Role

Indie VR development studio Ionized Studios released room-scale submarine VR game IronWolf VR few months ago for Steam as early access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, allowing VR gamers to assume the role of a submarine pilot.

Today, the game sees an update that improves the Hydrophone role, as well as other bugs fix.

Hey Guys, this is just a quick update to make the hydrophone role more interesting, tweak the submarine physics and fix some bugs.


  • When the waypoint assist is turned off, the hydrophone user must now track the target to get up-to-date map marker positions for the enemy. Out of date map markers will continue to move with the last observed velocity until the hydrophone has received new readings.
  • Setting the Engine Order telegraph will now rapidly set the engine throttle to the desired state, giving more immediate power in the required direction.
  • The submarine will now experience less drag when travelling on the surface vs submerged.
  • Using the hydroplane will now increase drag of the submarine.
  • Improved rudder and turning physics model for the submarine.
  • Improved buoyancy gauge stabilization.
  • Fixed a bug where torpedoes could fire in the wrong direction
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to open the conning tower hatch before being fully surfaced.
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage.