“Away: The Survival Series” Playable Teaser Out on August 16th, Reserve Your Copy Now

Breaking Walls is creating a VR episodic animal-based survival title “Away: The Survival Series” for the HTC Vive.

To recap, this is a title where you play as a different animal in each episode, as you tries to survive in the harsh environment (find out more about the game here).

In an uncertain future, the rise of the animal kingdom marks a new era – one of danger, peril, and opportunity. Playing as various animals, your mission is clear: do you have what it takes to survive?

Today, they announces that their playable teaser will be coming out on August 16th. The registration for the teaser has already been opened since the game announcement, but if you haven’t, you can reserve a copy by signing up here. The game will be out on Steam.

No release details has been revealed yet.