New “Seeking Dawn” VR Details #2

Multiverse Entertainment has been feeding information about their upcoming virtual reality title “Seeking Dawn” for the past few months, and much details has been shared since my last write-up (where they share on their solutions for motion sickness and other game details) about the game.

To make a quick recap, Seeking Dawn is a multi-platform, Survival Action RPG/FPS VR videogame, with various features including crafting, cooking, as well as base building. Seeking Dawn consist of a campaign/story mode, that can be played in both co-op or solo. Multiverse Entertainment also claimed that the campaign is bigger than Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine, combined, with hundreds of hours of gameplay.

And here’s the story that lead up to the this game.


On paper, that sounds very ambitious, and if things work out, we could be seeing another VR title this year that could entice more people to VR. The developer has also shared many new pictures to backup the graphical aspect of the game as well. At the same time, the developer is amassing fans of this game to help shape the game, seeking feedbacks and valuable suggestions.

One of such is the naming of this weapon that you see below, which is currently named as “Liquid Collector”, and is seeking suggestions on what other better names it has. The developer didn’t exactly explain the function of this gun, but judging from its name, I am guessing it will be a tool that you will use to harvest liquid for resources, and perhaps at the same time function as a weapon to battle the enemies too.


Another of weapon that you can wield in this game is the “Juggernaut”, a handheld excavating tool which pack “enough explosive force to powderize boulders with a single blow. Its success lies in the carefully crafted stabilization frame, dramatically minimizing recoil and absorbing shock impulses so that the user doesn’t shatter his or her own arm during extended use. Seeing its potential as a melee weapon, military engineers adapted the design to transform footsoldiers into one-man siege units, able to breach lightly reinforced entrances and disable heavy machinery.” Use this to blast the brain juice out of those ugly and ferocious aliens.

Speaking of enemies, they have also shared a new ‘intel report’, a glimpse of sort at one of the aliens you will see in your exploration. This alien looks menacing, and dwell on the “Alpha Centauri Star System”, according to its file. Check out the visuals of the alien below.

One of the many planets that you can visit is (tentatively) named “Planet Erimos”, which you can view in the screenshots gallery below. It looks to combine an aspect of our planet Earth, (such as plants and rocks) with some fantasy aspects.

As you venture out to gather resources, you will at the end of the task, transport them to your base, where you can use them to craft items. Here’s a look at the equipment window/backpack, and the crafting system itself.

And here is the ‘home base’, where you can craft buildings, and other defensive base assets. Here’s where your loading dock, soldiers quarters and the armory will be. Take some respites here in between your missions.


In this sci-fi world, it seems you can also construct mecha as well! Expect to see quite a few different mechas throughout the game, because they plays a good role in the story.

There are a lot more pictures that I couldn’t share here, including new screenshots. If you will like to check them out, you can view them on their facebook page.

Right now, you can also head over to Seeking Dawn’s Official Community facebook page, where you can receive the latest news, as well as providing inputs and communicate to the developer directly. They are also going to hold an ambassador program, where they will give out exclusive items, such as in-game cosmetics and memorabilia.

Seeking Dawn has so far ticked many of the checkpoints that hardcore players want in their VR game, but whether it will hold up in terms of its quality remains to be seen. Right now, they couldn’t directly confirm if it will come to PSVR (due to contract and stuffs), but I wouldn’t worry about that. Tentatively this game is scheduled to come to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this Fall.