Oasis Games Announce “Light Tracer” for PSVR


Oasis Games is back with another new Playstation VR title. This time, the title is “Light Tracer“, a puzzler game which sees you climb a magical tower.

This game is scheduled for launch in September, and is developed by Void Dimensions. Light Tracer puts you in a role of a godlike entity with a magical light staff, and with your other hand, interact with the game world. So your role is to guide this princess up a giant tower while with the other hand, spin the world and interact with game objects like flipping switches or moving items.

Apparently this princess is sick and she needs to reach the top to restore herself. It is said that the princess has some sort of a relationship with you (as the entity), and you gets the full picture slowly as you ascend the tower.


As you guide the Princess, you’ll quickly find that your point of view is important. Sometimes solving a puzzle is a matter of seeing things from the right perspective, so you’ll find yourself constantly grabbing and spinning the game tower with the controller in one hand to figure things out — and then clicking on triggers to open portals or moving objects to free up a path. With the other hand you’ll be pointing the way for the Princess to guide her safely — and clicking to have her jump or swing her little sword to fight off enemies. This keeps you busy. But as a godlike entity, you’re up to the challenge!


Light Tracer will comes in 8 different chapters, each with an unique environment and different style of puzzles. There will be action-platform stages too, which requires jumping, timing and enemies to defeat as well.

This game will launch exclusively for the Playstation VR. Check out the announcement here.