Oculus Introduce “Elevator… to the Moon!” For Rift/Gear VR, October Launch, Trailer

Oculus has just announced a brand new VR title “Elevator… to the Moon!” for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. This ‘VR space repairman simulator’ will be launching this October.

ELEVATOR…TO THE MOON! is an insanely immersive, absurdly fun VR puzzle-based, adventure game, where a nameless protagonist (you, ya’ silly goose) finds themselves in a secret subterranean facility, tasked to build a moon elevator by the off-kilter, loudmouthed President of the World, Doug Slater-Roccmeier. Repair Roccmeier’s broken elevator by the numbers as he screams utter weirdness into your ear-holes via intercom…or ignore him and spend time breaking stuff, hacking all of the things, or maybe eating a space cookie or two. It’s up to you!

Use your squishy pink brain parts to create your own path to the moon. Or not. Whatever!

It’s really up to you.

Developed by Roccat Games Studio, you play as a repairman who is trapped in an underground facility, being forced by the President of the World Doug Slater-Roccmeier to repair his broken space elevator.

This is the first VR title from ROCCAT Games Studio, an in-house development team launched by the gaming peripheral manufacturer earlier this year. While a team of 10 works on Sick City, a real-time tactical combat game, the Elevator crew is currently made up of just ROCCAT Game Director Marc Barnes, Developer Carsten Busold, and 3D Artist Hannah Paulmann.

Check out the official announcement here to learn more about the game.