“ZomDay” Coming to Steam Early Access for HTC Vive

If you are itchy for a brand new zombie shooter in VR, an upcoming VR title might fill that void. “ZomDay” will be coming to Steam early access with HTC Vive support this August.

Developed by Chinese developer INTO Games, ZomDay is basically a zombie wave shooter title with multiplayer and leveling feature. There are 40+ gun types with the like of pistol, shotgun, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, wrench, hammer, fire axe and even your own fist.

Relentless zombies will launch waves of attacks, the monsters will cooperate with each other, the battle will be harder and harder, you can use the drop Buff to temporarily improve the combat capability, or deal with the enemies by means of terrain. After each surviving, the settlement system will rank your combat performance: accuracy, headshot, injury, hit, etc. You should make good use of the precious breathing time between each wave to buy powerful equipment in the store, gather air-drop supplies on the battlefield, or collect the materials dropped from enemies. The higher the rating of combat, the more air-drop supplies and experience value you will get. What about the obsolete equipment? Don’t worry, the recycling machine on the battlefield can recycle the obsolete weapon. Even when you get some valuable materials, you can throw the obsolete weapons and materials into the recycling machine directly to maintain your funds operation. If you are a gambler, that you can even try to use a slot machine for good fortune.

Currently, this game serves 5 levels with 4 difficulties, including 2 challenge levels. The developer is promising more contents in the coming months, such as more challenge mode, all story mode levels, more enemy types etc.

No specific release date nor price has been announced yet.