“Megaton Rainfall” Coming to PS4/PSVR Sep 26th Followed by Steam Release, New Trailer

After a lengthy period of silence (I’ll admit, I thought it has been canned), we finally gets some update on Megaton Rainfall today!

A brief introduction about this action game: Megaton Rainfall is an upcoming multiplatforms action title with optional VR support, and was announced back in 2015. It is a first person superhero game, and is under development by Pentadimensional Games. Megaton Rainfall revolves around an inter-dimensional superhero who is tasked to save the world from alien invasion. He will have to protect the cities from the aliens while avoiding collateral damage as well, with destructible & procedurally generated environments.

A brand new trailer has dropped today, announcing that it will finally launch on PS4 (and PSVR) on September 26th, followed by a Steam release (with probably Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support) at an later, unknown date. View the new trailer below.