“Viking Rage” Is Now Available for Oculus Rift, New Trailer

Headup Games and N-Gon Entertainment has jointly announced that Viking Rage has just been released on the Oculus Home!

To entice more Oculus Rift users to purchase the game , Viking Rage’s price is also lowered to $8.99, and in addition, a big content update.

Viking Rage is a tower defense game, whereby you are tasked to protect your strongholds against hordes of creatures, ranging from worgs to trolls and giants. Pick up your axe (or other weapons such as bombs or longbow/crossbow) and fend off these creatures across various types of terrains.

As stated, there is also a big content update too, which compose mainly of a brand new area with new enemies. Enter Helheim, where the enemies will charge at you rather than a gate. Use everything you have to take them down.

In addition, the new update also unlocks everything to you right from the start (all levels, minigames, weapons etc). Kill the Valraven to turn into a mighty giant, and you can crush your enemies like toys. Beware of Testral and his shield too, as ‘arrows will break upon impact and thrown axes will deflect right back at you’. You can also procure a new weapon hidden somewhere in Asgard. And lastly, new sounds and music were added too.

This game is also currently available for the HTC Vive on Steam as well.