“Wands VR” Oculus Rift Port Teased (?)

Wands VR , a first person VR dueling title that released on Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Home) and on Google Daydream (Google Playstore), looks to be coming to Oculus Rift in the near future as well.

In this game, you are armed with a magic wand, that allows you to conjure spells to attack your online opponents (who goes by the term “Wielder”, similar as yours), in this magical fantastic realms known as “The Beyond”. You have 22 spells to choose from, that range from a “Shield of Light”, to “Electric Fist”, “Blazing Meteor” and more.

This competitive arena game was developed by NUX Studios and published by Cortopia Studios. Today, the facebook page of this title released the following mysterious image. Besides the obviously, you can see something that’s rather blurry in the background behind the wand, and I am pretty sure that’s an Oculus Rift with an Oculus Touch.


There’s no other reason to have the Oculus Rift there unless it is being ported to the Rift. Regardless, I will put in a closer attention here and return back when the actual reveal of this tease has been made. Meanwhile, check out the trailer of the game (Samsung Gear VR version) below.