“Megaton Rainfall” Steam Page Up, Steam Release October 26(?)

The Steam Page for first person superhero title Megaton Rainfall is now live, which shines some light on the launch date of the PC version of the game.

If the date shown on Steam is accurate, the game will be releasing on October 26th. Do note that the dev themselves has not announced the PC launch date yet officially. Also there is no indication of Vive/Rift support on the page, so hopefully this is just the page being WIP and not because it is not coming to Vive/Rift.

Megaton Rainfall from Pentadimensional Games is a multiplatform title, where you play as a superhero being who has to protect Earth from the aliens’ assaults. 

The game’s trailer was released yesterday, with announcement that it is coming to PS4/PSVR on September 26th. Check out the trailer below.