“Onward” August Update

“Onward” is one of the most populated and active multiplayer VR on Steam, and this is partly thanks to the regular and highly frequent update.

Today, the developer of this multiplayer FPS game (Downpour Interactive) has released their August update, which sees the following changes. If you have it installed, go update the game on Steam now.

The Tanker map has been remade, with full length boat now playable. Player can storm the corridors below the deck, or move through the dark maze of containers above.

  • Operations versus AI is now available on Bazaar
  • Join Match no longer has the possibility of placing you in Competitive Lobbies
  • Added a confirmation prompt when joining a competitive lobby
  • Introduced sound occlusion on new Tanker. This will also be applied to Subway in an upcoming patch.
  • Added an above/below indicator for the objective on maps that can have it on multiple levels (Subway, Tanker & Surburbia)
  • Shotgun point cost reduced from 3 to 2
  • AI: balanced AI communication range when spotting targets
  • AI: improved hearing nearby weapons firing (react differently for suppressed/not-suppressed weapons)
  • Improved audio CPU performance, was specifically noticeable when firing LMGs
  • Fixed LMG bolt handle being difficult to grab
  • Fixed ballistic shield not appearing locally if player was using visible controllers instead of hands
  • Fixed SPAS12 buckshot sometimes hitting the end of its barrel
  • Fixed LMG belt rapid clicking sound if loading weapon with dominant hand
  • Fixed AI firing when weapon was through a wall
  • Fixed AI standing on dead player bodies and spinning rapidly
  • Fixed AI shooting through smokes. They can now only see through the start of a smoke grenade