“SEIYA VR” Coming to Tokyo Game Show 2017

Tokyo Game Show 2017 will be taking place next month, and various game developers in Japan are preparing trailers and demos to showcase their future video games at the event now.

One of them is the developer of SEIYA VR, who has revealed that they are preparing the stickers to promote the game “SEIYA VR” at Tokyo Game Show booth. It is a Japanese VR rhythm action title under development at WANDV (the site is down though), where you will be hitting the notes that fly towards you, with the in-game songs to assist you in getting the timing of the hits right. If you feel that it sounds similar to Audioshield or Soundboxing, you are right.

Check out the gameplay video of the game below. Unfortunately due to the songs selection it seems rather unlikely that this game will make it out of Japan when it launch on Oculus Rift later this year.