“The Stone” Steam Release on 22 Aug for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift, Trailer

A narrative action/adventure “The Stone” is coming to virtual reality later this month from Bornteks Entertainment.

The game is set on the prosperous Galactic Federation Planet, where local residents are reluctant to mingle with the new residents, as they have no idea how long they will stay. As a VR player, you fill the shoes of “Jake”, one of such new comers, who also unknowningly fall in love with Aurora, the daughter of President’s Rod.

Rod promises Jake that he will let Aurora marry him under one condition: successful completion of “Silent Mission”. It is a mission which countless gene enhanced special agents of the Galactic Federation has failed: the agent are to make their way to the “Star Tower” which is constructed by ancient “Pioneers”, to bring back “the Stone”. “The Stone” is a holy relic that allow its owner to controls the spiritual world. Here’s the problem and the reason why many agents has failed: human’s genes cannot enter the Star Tower to touch “The Stone”. As the saying goes “Love conquers all”, and Jake takes up the challenge, seeing how this is his ticket to get together with his lover. What he didn’t realize is that there are some hidden agenda behind it.

As Jake, player will be able to interact with the various virtual characters in the game, as well as to explore the vast fantasy world, participating in fierce fighting missions. Emotion communication with the virtual characters seem to be a key theme for this game, as the developer is pouring effort into making and using it to enhance the sense of immersion. Player will be engaging in real FPS combat battle as the plot progresses, with cool weapons and gesture recognition skills to initiate shield system as well.

Currently, this game is scheduled for release on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with a launch date of 22nd August 2017. You can access the Steam Page of the game here, where you can add it to your Steam wishlist or follow the game.

A trailer for this game has been released earlier this month. Check it out below: