Wales Interactive Reveals “Time Carnage” for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/PSVR, 27th Nov Launch, Trailer

Wales Interactive, maker of Don’t Knock Twice (which will be releasing soon and you can pre-order it now on Steam by the way), has revealed their next VR project.

Titled “Time Carnage“, this is a brand new survival shooter that’s set to come out for multiple high end VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR).


You are a trophy hunter, who gets to “traverse through time and wreak havoc through worlds swarming with zombies, robots, monsters and prehistoric beasts. ” As the title suggest, you will be wrecking carnages in this game.

Over 25 weapons has been promised, such as the AM Rifle, the double barrel Thump-Gun and the SOTA precision laser bow (check out the full list below). There’s a Campaign mode and a Custom Arcade Mode to expand and upgrade your weaponary as well. Some of the environments you can expect includes a post-apocalyptic worlds, jungles and medieval ice lands.


It is also said that there are 20 challenge modes as well, that includes Double Up Zombie, Russian Dolls, Pierminister and Mail Escort too.

Here’s a list of weapons that are confirmed:

  1. Baseball Bat
  2. Chainsaw
  3. Bowie Knife
  4. Desert Eagle Pistol
  5. Pulser Laser Pistol
  6. 5” Revolver
  7. Vector SMG
  8. Magpul PDR
  9. M4 Carbine
  10. Kalashnikov Rifle
  11. Auto Bullpup Rifle
  12. Double Barrel Thump-Gun
  13. Pump Action Shotgun
  14. Street Sweeper Auto Shotgun
  15. Anti-Material Rifle
  16. QBU-88 Sniper Rifle
  17. Hip Fired HMG
  18. Six-Barrel Minigun
  19. Flamethrower
  20. Slugger Explosive Rifle
  21. RPG-7
  22. SOTA Precision Bow
  23. Medieval Crossbow
  24. Frag Grenade
  25. Time Grenade.

Here’s the teaser trailer. You can also view screenshots on their site.