“EVE: Valkyrie” – Warzone Adds New Ships, New Maps & Non-VR Support, Price Drop

CCP Games will be releasing a new free expansion update for their space combat VR title EVE: Valkyrie on 26th September, which sees drastic changes and improves to the game.

The update is named “Warzone“, an expansion that sees various exciting new features. The game will now support non-VR mode, allowing players without VR headsets on PC and PS4 to play the game together with the VR users counter. We’ll be clear about this just in case: PC, PS4, PSVR and HTC Vive/Oculus Rift players can all play together once the update is available. The new expansion is designed to re-balance the game, to take into account of players who are not playing in VR.

That’s not all though. EVE: Valkyrie will also see a drop in price to $29.99 in another attempt to court new players.

The cockpit of your spacecraft is an immersive bubble and your window onto a battlefield among the stars. It’s from here that you’ll enjoy multiple competitive multiplayer modes, co-op and squad-based gameplay as well as getting involved in Leaderboards and, later this year, Leagues.

Choosing from one of the four distinct ship classes – Assault, Heavy, Support and the all-new Covert class ship, the Shadow – your awesome vessel becomes your avatar, where using the intuitive controls to combine great firepower with agility provides genuine tactical depth. When chasing the thrill of victory, just remember that your next kill – or death – may lie above or below as well as behind you.

The game will of course, bring enhanced and refined gameplay features too. Each ship will have a more distinctive role to play in battle. New weapons and abilities will be added too, including powerful ship-specific Ultra abilities. A new modular progression system also introduces multiple new modifications for each ships for the pilot, providing players more control over how to evolve and customize the fleet. There is also a brand new Extraction game mode, which is basically ‘capture the flag’ in outer space. 2 new maps are also added: “Fleet”, a Sisters of EVE space station, and “Outpost”, a mysterious Drifter base.

The reward system also see major changes.

In Warzone, we’ve simplified EVE: Valkyrie’s previously complex in-game economy with the removal of Gold and the reduction of surplus Silver. You’ll earn XP per ship and use only XP to craft a Modification for that ship, which is far easier to follow. Salvage picked up during a battle by you or your team now has a more immediate effect by fuelling your ship’s Ultra gauge.

The game is available on Steam and PS Store now, but you might want to wait until the new price comes into effect first. Check out PS Blog for more details.