“High Noon: VR Shooting Game” New Video

A new wild west VR game is coming soon to HTC Vive, “High Noon: VR Shooting Game” from OctoBox Interactive is set to be releasing on Steam, whereby you takes on the role of a sheriff.

Your townfolks and your town are being terrorised by the bloodthirsty outlaws, and you are tasked to protect the town from these people. 

In this game, you gets a rather nice selection of arms, ranging from a standard revolver to a rifle, a harpoon and even dynamites. There is also a variety of foes too, each with their own characteristics, as well as boss fights. Try to put them down while executing stylish playthroughs, such as headshots or kill combos for some nice reward.

High Noon VR is not on Steam yet, but has went through Steam Greenlight earlier this year. Currently the game is scheduled for release in Spring for PC.

The developer has released a new trailer, which you can view below.