“Horror of the Deep” Gets VR Support on Aug 18th

Atmospheric horror title “Horror of the Deep” will be supporting VR too, going by a recent announcement on Steam.

Set in a giant, underground dungeon, you will have to follow your destiny deeper and deeper, to discover a terrible secret. 

It will not be easy, however, with your path blocked by countless monsters, mazes, and traps to be overcome in order to reach the end.

The based game (from DRUNKEN APES) was released in Jan on Steam this year, with promise of VR compatibility before launch. This game last about 2 hours (if you don’t die, but the devs said you will die a lot) according to the developers, and you will be wondering/exploring a dungeon where you will encounter a variety of monsters, who detect your presence via multiple ways.

Goin by the announcement, this will just be an initial, limited VR implementation. The game will only support HTC Vive and gamepad or keyboard/mouse on 18th August, but it should run on Oculus Rift as well.

Finally, after some heavy learning, failing, drinking a lot and experimenting with the integration of VR we are ready to release the first version of the VR Mode for HOTD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
We know many are looking forward to this, and we are excited too! 

So the Date we are aiming is the 18.08

This version of the VR Mode will be playable through Steam VR with HTC Vive and with gamepad or mouse and keyboard. 

But don’t worry alongside with the development of the game we will try our best to add more features to the VR DLC as well. 

We will go into more details next week, 


The VR function will be distributed by a seperate DLC listing on Steam here. While the announcement didn’t mention anything about Oculus Rift, the DLC did states Oculus Rift (and OSVR) too.

If you do encounter any issue when you try it  (since its just an initial implementation), do feedback to the developers and let them iron things out.