Steam New Release: ChainMan

Today, ChainMan VR, a virtual reality stealth horror title from Japanese developer ouka-ichi-mon inc has been released on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!

This survival horror game is set on an island populated with zombies. You play as a survivor, who wake up on this island of death, with your arms bounded together by handcuffs. There’s no way to attack, and the only thing you can do is to survive by escaping, hiding and running from your enemies. Based on the hints and clues left by other survivors, your objective is to escape this dangerous island.

These zombies are capable of sniffing your presence out and attacking you. You are largely unarmed, and you have to make use of everything you have got to avoid them, including fleeing and hiding in shadows and such. Judging by the trailer and screenshots, there is also a chainsaw wielding creature who’s going to stalk you around too.

The game is said to feature local co-op mode, with the second player playing on the monitor. Unfortunately this feature will only be added at a later date. It will also be coming to Playstation VR, but there is no release date for the Playstation VR release yet.