VR Dog Simulator “RoVR” Trailer, Live on Kickstarter

RoVR, the most adorable VR title I have ever seen so far, is now live on Kickstarter and with that, the Ridgeline Labs has released a brand new trailer.

RoVR is the first lovingly made VR dog simulator! In RoVR, you can play with, raise, and build a heartwarming connection with your own VR dog! RoVR is for everyone who always wanted a dog, but couldn’t have one. This was us growing up, but our parents never let us have one. Even though we could get one now as adults, it’s still a lot of work to provide a real dog with a good life! 

So, we decided to build a VR dog not only for ourselves, but so that people who always wanted a dog, could!

Just like Nintendogs, this dog simulator lets you interact with your virtual pet in a variety of ways, from playing fetch to rubbing its tummy, feeding it and such.

This is more than just a simple pet dog simulation though. The dev said that they have implemented machine learning algorithms to create a dog AI that learn how to behave depending on how you treat it. In other words, the better you treat your dog, the happier and friendly your dog will be.

RoVR will support Vive and Rift. Beta will be out Winter 2017 for Vive, and early access coming on March 2018. After that, they will focus on improving the game and Oculus + Touch support. They are looking to have Oculus + Touch support by Summer 2018.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more details, more gifs and pictures of these cute dogs in VR.

Check out the newly launched trailer below.