New Update “Reflections” for Oculus Rift to Be Shown Soon

First person narrative exploration game “Reflections” from Broken Window Studios has been available on Steam early access since 2015. It is a title that focuses heavily on story, and the biggest selling point here is that the story progression is shaped by your actions, thanks to its Storytelling Engine. Time passes in game as you play, presenting new events, characters and opportunities in the game.

In Reflections, you are getting ready to leave home and start your life as an adult. You have to put things in order and get ready to leave by the end of the day. To do so, you can tidy up your business, help build relationships, or just go exploring. From there, it’s up to you; the entire course of the game is based on the actions you take.

While the game has been in early access for a rather lengthy period, this game is still alive though, despite the lack of update this year. In fact, the developer has just shared that they are going to talk about a new update that will be coming to this game soon. To tide us for the wait on they have to share, they have shared the following screenshot.