“Shooty Fruity” Announced for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & PSVR, Trailer

nDreams has just revealed their next VR title, “Shooty Fruity” (link is not up yet as of this writing) for multiple high end VR headsets. This is a title that is co-developed by nDreams and Near Light.

This game plays like a combination of Job Simulator with shooting element. You will have to juggle between shooting the mutant fruits with the pistols, while working on your day job. In this initial announcement, the developer showcased the game with the supermarket level. Here’s how it works.

Set in an American supermarket call “Super Megamart”, you play as an employee working his day job there, as well as shooting genetically mutated fruit that’s trying to take over the store.

A conveyor belt is situated on the left, which rolls the groceries to the till in front of you. Your task here when you are not frantically shooting at the mutant fruits, is to pick up and scan the item, then throw them down the shoot. So what’s the point of this task? Well, scanning these items earn you money, and the more items you scan, the richer you are. These money allow you progress towards accessing new weapons.

Shooty Fruity for PS VR

There are a bunch of power-up items which you can use to wreck havoc on your enemies and environment, which includes a pistol, shotgun, revolver and grenade. Certain types of weapons also work best against certain fruit types too. A pistol isn’t strong enough to penetrate and destroy a watermelon, and this is where the shotgun work best. On the other hand, the shotgun is too slow to take down the fast moving oranges, and here’s where you will want to switch over to the pistol. There are a variety of mutant fruits for you to blast at, including exploding pineapples, kamikaze limes and ninja lemons too.

This checkout level is just one of the many levels in this game, and there will be other jobs in other levels too, not to mention fruits and weapons as well.

This game is coming out this winter on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. You can check out PS Blog for more details too.