“A Writer And His Daughter” Steam Page Live, End of Sep Release for HTC Vive

VR story exploration title “A Writer And His Daughter” is finally on Steam, and we can have a more in depth look at this title since its reveal last week.

This work is made by indie game developer Dimfrost (based in Sweden), and as the title implies, revolves around a girl with his father, who both lives in a big house deep in the woods. One night, the girl wakes up alone in the house and she sees a magical fairy tale book, where she is the main character of the story. Soon, she embark on an adventure for uncovering the truth and a quest for what is real, begins.

A Writer And His Daughter take place in 2 worlds: the in-game reality and the fairy tale world. The game also serves as the first part of a trilogy.

VR mechanics are made to enhance the narrative of the story in this game, which is also the main focus here. There will also be exploration along with puzzle solving elements as well. Various secrets are also littered throughout the game, and you will have to find all the pieces of the story to expose the truth. Some clues and secrets may be easily missed, and you will have to slow down in this game to discover them.

This game will be supporting the HTC Vive with motion controllers support. A Room-scale play area is required to play this game. According to the info, this game will be releasing on 30th September 2017.

You can view more screenshots on the Steam Page. The developer has also released a trailer, which you can view below.