“Purgation” Coming To HTC Vive This Month

Atmospheric survivor horror title “Purgation” has just surfaced on Steam, and will see release later this month.

You awake gradually. You are in a dark cell. You are drifting in and out of consciousness between bouts of violent hallucinations. You are physically weak and have no memory of who you are or why you are here.

You are alone and you are scared, very scared. The voices in your head tell you that you should be.

In this game, you will have to attempt to escape your cell and get into an abandoned mansion and learn more about yourself, but you are not alone. Apparently there will be an adversary and you have no option but to run and hide from whatever’s lurking around.

Armed with only a torchlight, you will have to find clues about your past, and a mean to escape as well. There will also be mysteries to solve, such as how did you ended up in such predicament, and what’s with the voices and screams you hear during your hallucinations.

This game is releasing on HTC Vive, and is created by the following individuals (According to Steam Page): Arttu Tuovinen , Alexandre Petrault ,Corentin Jezequel , Eddine Omar , Paul Georgeon ,Johan Rendy.