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“Subnautica” Ghost Update Released!

VR underwater open world game “Subnautica” , which sees optional VR support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and OSVR, has got a new update from its developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment today!

The latest update is the “Ghost Update“, which sees the introduction of Ghost Leviathan, a frightening and deadly new creature that can be found haunting the Void, Grand Reef and the Lost River.

The Enzyme balls left by baby Emperor Leviathans also make it finally possible to cure yourself in this update as well.

You can use the blood drawing terminal in the control room of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform to allow the Precursor Array to be fully deactivated now.

The game also sees other miscellaneous changes, such as fancy new exit animations when exiting lifepod, new model for Power Transmitter, Reaper Graphics Upgrades, Poop from Sea Treaders, new Biomes and much more. I will recommend checking out the Steam Announcement here for the full details.

Subnautica sees Oculus Rift support back in April last year, followed by HTC Vive support in October 2016. The game is still in early access status, but you can now purchase the game on Steam.

Here’s a quick video showcasing the update.