A Current Look at Fair Games Studio’s “Protocol” for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

The Dome

Fair Games Studio has got a VR game in development currently under the title “Protocol“, a sci-fi adventure game that will support optional VR headsets (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) when it launch on Steam. And here’s a look at the current look at the game based on what they have revealed so far.

Protocol is a VR game that will sees elements of cyberpunk, ‘featuring active interaction with in-game objects’. Fair Games Studio states that they are aiming at the level of immersion on par with Job Simulator, combined with an ‘exciting non-linear story’ that will make us gamers question our every action.

an art teaser of Protocol

The game has been in production for quite a while, and sees its official announcement back in late April earlier this year. The logo designed for this title is said to presents the neural networks and possible plot pathways for the game.

From what I can gather so far, this game looks to feature a massive sci-fi looking, semi-spherical building simply known as “The Dome” (which you can see at the top of this article). Here are some pictures that offers a closer look of this building.

Various miscellaneous concept sketches of the game has been drip-feed by the developer for the past few months, offering us a look at some of the game visual elements. Here are concept arts which to be honest, I have no idea what they are for, but it seems you can and have to use them to progress the game. The third picture is clearly a med cabinet, and my guess is that they restore your vitality in the game.

Here’s a rather interesting concept art. What you see here is a ‘drop pod’, and it seems this is the vehicle that carries you to this unknown snow-looking terrain. “Surviving the crash (in the drop pod) was the easy part.


Their latest tease is an artwork of something that looks rather creepy. The nasty looking appearance seems to hint that this is an alien that you will see in this game. We will have to wait longer to find out.


And that’s what they have revealed for this title so far. I have no idea when will this game is releasing, but considering what we have seen so far are just concept arts and no screenshots, I am certainly not expecting this game to be releasing this year. The developer has released an action shooter title “Aliens in the Yard” last month on Steam too, so this game is certainly not their first voyage in VR. I am going to make an assumption that since Aliens in the Yard has been released, perhaps the studio can transfer some of the production resources to this game, which means the production of this game will pick up steam now if not in the near future.

Their web site is still currently under construction, but they do post updates on their facebook page from time to time, so if this title interest you, do go ahead and check them out on facebook.