“Megadimension Neptune VIIR” Update from Dengeki PS Premium Event 2017, Details

Gamescom isn’t the only gaming event held recently. A couple of days back, a (much smaller scale than Gamescom) gaming event was held in Japan too.

“Dengeki PS Premium Event 2017 Summer” sees various Playstation titles being showcased and discussed, and this is where new information regarding Playstation 4’s upcoming “Megadimension Neptune VIIR” is shared.

Megadimension Neptune VIIR is the remake of Compile Heart‘s Megadimension Neptunia VII from the Neptunia game series, and will feature limited VR support for Playstation VR. It seems the extra “R” at the back has the double meaning of representing VR (VIIR in the title) and the R in “Remake”. This game will see release in Japan tomorrow, so here’s the full details of the game gathered so far, including the new details from the Dengeki event.

Here’s a trailer for the game.

To start off with what I mean by limited VR support and to set the record straight before anything: this is a flat screen monitor game, with a segment of VR-exclusive content. Think something like Ace Combat 7 or Gran Turismo 7, which offers exclusive VR-only contents rather than the whole game playable in VR.

This title features a fictional setting known as the Gameindustri, where various dimensions exist. The game breaks the fourth wall whereby the people of Gameindustri acknowledge the existence of you, and refer you as the “player” and so on. Croire and Neptune, 2 of the characters in the series, while using their ability to move between dimensions, unexpectedly came into contact with the ‘player’ and discover the “VR Dimension”.

Besides VR, Megadimension Neptune VIIR also offers various new content such as a revamped battle system that sees a drastic change in the UI. The breeding system has been changed as well, according to the developer. This game also sees a new “Bounty” element, a new quest you can accept in the guild whereby you are tasked to slay an assigned monster. This new element will have to be unlocked by game progression though.

What you see below is the “Player Room”, a virtual room for you. This is where VR events take place, as well as where you select the various options in the game: Game Play (commence the actual game), VR Visit (commence the VR events), Room Objects (decorate your room with items) and Memories (view and listen to the story and sounds which you have come across in the game so far).


The VR component of this game consist of 2 types of VR ‘events’: Scenario VR Events and Everyday VR Events. Scenario VR Events occur while the game story progresses, while Everyday VR Events depicts the lives of the four goddesses (Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert) in an ordinary world of harmony. Despite being called “VR Events”, these events are also accessible without VR headsets as well.


The VR events take place in the player room, where player can decorate the area by placing Room Objects, which can be acquired during the VR events.


The VR event also features a ‘Gaze Marker’. Gazing at these gaze marker will trigger some reaction from the characters. Of course, the VR “feature” of ‘nodding up and down’ and ‘shaking left and right’ to answer yes and no question are also included in the events too.

Here’s a video of the Everyday VR Event.

Compile Heart has also released the opening movie for this title, featuring the opening theme “Starting Days!!” sung by Aki. The song is written by Aki Deguchi, with Mayu Miyazaki responsible for the composing and arranged by Johnny K.