“Legendary Hunter VR” Exits Early Access, Release as Full Title Today

The development of indie VR title “Legendary Hunter VR” today crossed its biggest hurdle today, as it graduates into a full fledged game and exits early access!

Inspired by the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt, this is a duck hunting game that sees you as the legendary hunter, and as you will have guess it, shoot down the ducks on a beautiful and enchanted island. But that’s not all, as this is only the game’s core premise.

The game offers a day/night cycle as well as dynamic weather system, which heavily influences the gameplay. For example, in day time, crows may appear to not only inflict damage on you, but also disturb the bee hives that causes the bees to get agitated and seek to attack you too. At night though, wolves and crocodiles will be the one lurking in the background to sneak up on you. 

Unfortunately for you, you only have limited ammo to spare to protect yourself, and your duck hunting trip slowly morphs into a desperate pled for survival.

Legendary Hunter is developed by LastnOni, and published by Frozen Dreams. To change the game’s development status, the developer has just dispatched a new update. In this update, various fixes are made, and improvement to features. There will also be a MP level that’s currently under development, and is planned as a free DLC level in the future.

Legendary Hunter VR is being offered with a 20% off right now on Steam, and support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You can also download a free demo for this game on Steam too!