New Character for “ShadowCore VR” Revealed 

Tactical multiplayer VR game “Shadowcore VR” is set to be launching across multiple platforms (PSVR, HTC Vive, and hopefully Oculus Rift) by Serebrum Lab in the future, and today the developer has shared some pictures that reveals a new character.

Inspired by Ghost in the Shell, Shadowcore is an action game that focuses on team cooperation, strategy and control of space. In this title set 2 decades into the future on a dark, dystopian world, you will be playing as one of the private paramilitary cyborgs/augmented humans, who “specialize in assassination, kidnapping, stealing corporate secrets, and sabotage, often operating with impunity inside the borders of neutral nations.”

Here’s the new character which they just revealed:

Compared to the other cyborgs of our game, the third character will be a heavy robot with high-damage shotgun and a EMP gun. He doesn’t have a head but a surveillance camera.

He is all about heavy, strong and mighty gun-power.

What do you think of him? Can he be one that we’d choose often to play?

To learn more details about this game, check out my previous coverage here.

Shadowcore will be releasing in September/October for HTC Vive (and Oculus Rift hopefully), followed by Playstation VR at a later date.