Oculus New Release: Obscura

A new horror VR experience “Obscura” sees release on the Oculus Store today. This horror title is released by indie developer Michael Hegemann
Obscura sees release on Steam last month, with support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. A launch on the Oculus Store will hopefully see more support for the title and the developer.

Do note that this is not a traditional horror game. It is a horror experience, which features randomized scares, so that you won’t encounter the same experience twice, and allowing more replay value.

They say something has been awoken in the old woods…

Obscura is a different take on atmospheric horror, that immerses you in an endless circle of fear. Face a relentless and almost invisible entity. Keep eyes and ears on the creepy environment with several tools at your disposal. Use them to prepare your mind for what’s to come. Look, listen and pray it doesn’t enter your reality. 

This puristic horror shocker does not rely on movement or violence and is made to be experienced multiple times, with fully randomized and unpredictable events. Come back if you dare and you may see something new. But beware, each visit will draw you more and more into the dark…

Experience it alone or together with your friends and watch them shiver and scream!