“A Writer and His Daughter” Official Trailer

A brand new trailer for Dimfrost‘ upcoming story exploration virtual reality game “A Writer and His Daughter” has surfaced. Dimfrost is a game studio located in the heart of Norrköping, Sweden.

This VR title depicts the story between a girl and her father, that spans across 2 worlds: the in-game reality and a fairy tale world. The father and daughter lives in deep in the woods, and one night, the girl find herself waking up alone in the house. A book is waiting for her with a magical fairy tale, where she is the main character. Soon she embark on an adventure that sees her attempting to uncovering the truth and a quest for what is real begins.

A Writer and His Daughter will also feature exploration, puzzle solving, with secrets to uncover as well.

The title will be releasing in September on Steam for HTC Vive.