“Echo Grotto” Announced for HTC Vive

Gaugepunk Games has just announced a brand new VR experience/game Echo Grotto, coming soon to HTC Vive over Steam and Viveport!

Echo Grotto is a VR title that lets VR users to explore unique and intricate cave systems.

Discover many beautiful sights and locations using a range of caving gear and tools. Echo Grotto uses subtle random generation to make every cave system feel unique, while still delivering amazing locations and deeply interconnected caves.

This title can be played as either an experience or a game. It contains a range of caving gears (such as better equipment, more caving tools like flare gun or grapple etc, maps left by previous cavers that provide special locations in the cave, glowsticks etc). Playing in “experience” mode will allow you to unlock and select whatever gear you want from the start. In game mode, it features a progression system, whereby you start with a basic set of tools. To access better gears, you will have to find them, or sell the various gemstones hidden in the caves to purchase better tools in their simple currency system.

According to the developer, that’s not all. Echo Grotto also has underwater portion (which you will need a snorkel to explore), with intricate cave designs which require you to approach from another area (such as dropping down from above) to reach certain areas. There are also very light ‘puzzles’ but I don’t suggest expecting much.

It will cost around $5 when it is released. No release date has been announced for this game/experience yet. Meanwhile, enjoy the following screenshots and the teaser video of Echo Grotto below.